THERMOPROTECT External Thermal Insulation Composite System by VIVECHROM

Vivechrom's external thermal insulation system THERMOPROTECT is a technologically perfect external thermal insulation system and offers a choice of various types of thermal insulation boards (EPS, XPS, stone wool), adhesives and decorative plasters in different granulometries that are available in many shades. Additionally, it offers a full range of all necessary ETICS accessories, such as anchors, spacers, fiberglass mesh, profiles etc. 

It has received a European Technical Assessment with certificate number ETA 21/0442.


External Thermal Insulation System THERMOPROTECT

One System - Many Benefits

  1. Provides thermal balance to the building. It keeps the walls warm when the weather is cold, while in the summer months it prevents the wall from overheating.
  2. Thermal insulation and maintaining a constant temperature inside.
  3. Protection from adverse weather conditions. It is water-repellent and at the same time prevents the formation of water vapor condensation between the masonry and the appearance of mold inside.
  4. It covers and thermally insulates the areas with significant deficiencies in insulation (pillars, chimneys, masonry recesses, etc.). Thermal bridges are thus avoided.
  5. Due to reduced temperature stress, it prevents cracking, due to temperature differences, on the outside of the building.
  6. High durability and significantly Provides thermal balance to the building. It keeps the walls warm when the weather is cold, while in the summer months it prevents the wall from overheating.
  7. Improves the building's energy efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs.
  8. Subsequent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
  9. Improvement of healthy living conditions and thermal comfort.
  10. Thermal insulation with THERMOPROTECT by Vivechrom: A clear sign of ecological consciousness and awareness.
  11. Ensures a wonderful aesthetic result on new and old buildings.

Read the brochure

In the following brochure you may find a full description of the THERMOPROTECT system, the way with which it contributes to energy saving and thermal comfort, as well as the application steps with detailed instructions and photos.

The Exterior Colour Collection Fandeck

The Exterior Colour Collection fandeck includes a selected range of 320 shades that are available in TOP ACRYLIC and TOP SILICONE decorative plasters of Vivechrom’s THERMOPROTECT ETICS system.

You can find the Exterior Colour Collection fandeck at a paint store near you. 

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