Our goal is the design and production of high quality products, user and environmental friendly.


VIVECHROM consistent with its commitments to customers, employees, partners and shareholders insists on high quality products which meet and exceed every customer’s needs and expectations, as well as improve and enhance sustainability. Providing high-quality and sustainable products protecting people, environment and society at large are considered key drivers for VIVECHROM and keys to company’s long-term future.

Progression towards sustainability is delivered through the Sustainability Framework with 5 pillar goals:

Products & Services – People & Communities – Waste & Resources – Energy – Transport & travel

Products & Services


The company develops innovative  Products or improves the existing brands not only based on market trends and customer expectations but also leveraging sustainability through its brands and products in the framework of its Policies for Quality, Environment, Health& Safety and Product Stewardship “The responsible management of the health, safety and environmental aspects of a product throughout its lifecycle”.

Out targets in this field are:

  • eliminating products and processes that are harmful to safety, health and/or the environment

  • providing information to stakeholders about the health and safety aspects of products and guidelines for safe transport and handling during storage, application and use of products;

  • integrating Eco-Premium Solutions program, which focuses on the development of products with lower toxicity, improved energy efficiency, use of natural resources/raw materials, reduced emissions waste, land use and risks

People & communities


Health and Safety

In the framework of its person-centered policy VIVECHROM has set high level targets for creation of optimum work environment. Since 2003 VIVECHROM was certified with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001:2008) standard and has since then applied this management system to its activities.

Within this framework VIVECHROM:
• proceeds systematically in measuring the physical and chemical factors in its work areas and in the precautionary monitoring of its employees’ health with the assistance of the Company Doctor and nurse that it employs on a full time basis.
• assesses the potential hazards in its work areas, evaluates the consequences and takes precautionary measures.
• advises and trains its employees in the management of hazardous materials, in the use of personal protective equipment and in emergency response.

Furthermore VIVECHROM implements several tools and systems for minimizing the potential threat of injury and Occupational illness of its employees:
• 5S process for clean and orderly workplace, in order to improve the processes as well as to promote health and safety at work and the environment
• Risk recognition and Near Miss reporting system for immediate and timely corrective and/or preventive actions
• Behavior Based Safety program for spotting unsafe behaviors in the workplace in order to positively influence the behavior of all employees, through a process of observation, coaching and communication aiming to a safety culture throughout the organization.

As demonstrated by employee satisfaction surveys, Vivechrom’s employees feel proud to be part of the company and recognize that they are being offered a very good and safe working environment as well as the chance to strengthen their knowledge and improve their skills.

Moreover, social responsibility through social contribution and volunteering programs is inextricably linked to Vivechrom’s will to act as a “responsible citizen” and to the company’s strategic direction of adopting good practices in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Energy, waste & resources


Concern for the environment constitutes a social priority for VIVECHROM and is an integral part of its development policy. The company is committed towards:

Protecting the environment, by deterring or limiting environmental impacts that emanate from its activities and products, through their proper design, manufacture, distribution and use, as well as through the management of waste.

VIVECHROM applies certified Environmental Management System according to the standard EN ISO 14001:2004 and the European Regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS) to all its activities.

Within this framework VIVECHROM:

  • assessing , using modern risk assessment techniques, all risks about the development, production, safe transport, application and use of products for possible impacts

  • collecting the waste generated from the production procedure and washing of production equipment. Liquid waste is processed by the company’s Physiochemical and Biological Processing Unit, while solvent waste is processed by its Solvent Recovery Unit. This procedure recovers 95% of the solvent and reuses it, thus saving natural resources, on the one hand, and reducing hazardous waste, on the other.

  • separating non-hazardous waste, in production areas, into recyclable (paper, wood, metal, plastic) and non-recyclable waste. VIVECHROM collaborates with licensed companies to distribute the hazardous waste, either abroad or in Greece in order to be used as fuel in the cement industry. 

  • investing considerable amounts in the establishment of new installations, in the automation of its production process and in the application of advanced technology, with the purpose of improving the quality of its products and the working conditions within its facilities and protecting the environment, through the reduction of gas emissions.

  • evaluating the impacts of its activities on the environment on a continuous basis, measures environmental factors and sets goals for continuous improvement.


VIVECHROM has established a Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Directorate, the primary competency of which is the development, design and application of the company’s policy with respect to Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, as well as the sound application of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Management Systems.

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