The History of Vivechrom

The History of Vivechrom

Some of the highlights over the years

In 1932 Vivechrom is founded by Stefanos Diamantis Pateras and other members of the famous family of shipowners for the purpose of manufacturing, processing, import, export and trade all kinds of coatings, paints and plastics in the first plant operating in Nikaia. Here begins our story and Vivechrom is the first industry in the paints industry and one of the largest industries in the country.


A new factory in Mandra is built in an area of 100 acres and the production of the company is transferred here.

Vivechrom changed its structure to an anonymous company with a capital of 55,000,000 drachmas.

The international status of Vivechrom: Becomes member of NOBEL INDUSTRIES one of the largest paint manufacturers in Europe and CHEMAGRA representing a group of international investors.

NOBELINDUSTRIES merged with AKZO SA, the Dutch giant chemical and created the AKZONOBEL, the largest paint company in the world and one of the largest industries in the global chemicals industry.
Today Vivechrom active member of AKZONOBEL, as a market leader continues its upward trend with a modern organizational structure, a dynamic management team and a significant manpower of 225 people. The company boasts the largest and most effective distribution network with more than 2,000 points of sale, serving every corner of the mainland and islands.

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