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    Home decoration? Leave it to the experts!

    It's time for a refresh! But the choices are many, and the decision may seem difficult. Our first tip is to begin your journey with a moodboard where you will gather all the decoration ideas that inspire and excite you, all the things you would love in your new space. That can include colours and colour combinations, fabrics, materials and textures like wood, glass, marble etc., but also styles, such as a modern or a vintage approach.

    If you are looking for ideas for your moodboard for bedroom or living room decoration, or other rooms in your home, Vivechrom can assist you. Pick a room that you wish to update using the above filters, eg bedroom if you are interested in bedroom colors, and find inspirational articles that will help you renew your home. You can refine the results even more by picking a specific colour palette. In each article you will find indicative photos and the suggested color codes. Consider the lighting of your room, the furniture as well as structural elements such as window frames, floors, etc., and if you need extra help do not hesitate to contact Vivechrom’s Free Interior Designer Service

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