Kids Bedroom Decoration - Transform It with Tranquil Dawn

Find inspiration with Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052, Colour of the Year 2020, and create a space that’s perfect for your child

Are you getting ready for a new arrival? Discover how to use Tranquil Dawn, Vivechrom Colour of the Year 2020, to create different moods in your kid’s bedroom. The way we shape our homes is becoming ever more important, with more of us looking to understand what makes us human and focus on what matters most. From bold colors that energize to soft pastels to soothe, there’s something to suit everyone.

1. Create a modern kid’s room with Tranquil Dawn


Use a gender-neutral palette to create a modern kid’s room. Tranquil Dawn is a misty green, reminiscent of the morning sky. It’s a calming backdrop, to help your little one get a peaceful night’s sleep.

For a subtle feature wall, why not paint an extended window frame in cream? This soft, seamless look is timeless and will grow with your child. Use Super Neopal Ecoecological matt emulsion paint for interior use, so you can enjoy bright and long-lasting color for longer.

Accessorize with bright and textured hanging lights for a playful touch and introduce added charm with wooden furniture.

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2. Encourage imagination with a bright kid’s room


Zone the room with lighter block colours for different activities. Paint with a sky blue for quiet bedtime stories and Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052 for a soothing corner for changing.

Place favorite toys along your windowsill to delight the senses.

To help you create a space that your child truly loves, download the Vivechrom Visualizer app to bring colors to life and see which favorites they pick.

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3. Declutter your kid’s room and achieve calm with simple tones


Decorate sparingly, for a simple minimalist effect to avoid distractions for a good night’s sleep. Add a textured rug and coordinate with your seating for a comfortable escape to sit back and relax.

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4. Inspire with a creative kid’s room in bold stripes


Horizontal stripes will make a small room look bigger. Paint them in different widths for a luxurious feel. See how you can create your own stripes here.

Capture special moments shared, from playtime to arts and crafts, and decorate with handmade mementos like a cherished paperchain across the window.

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