From classic to clashing: find your dream decorating style

From classic to clashing: find your dream decorating style

“I’d like to refresh my walls but I don’t know what kind of colours to go for. I love my neighbour’s clashing scheme, but I’m worried it’s a bit too daring for me. Can you help me find my personal style?”

According to research, 40% of people say they’re naturally drawn to neutral colour schemes, while 36% say they prefer a contemporary look when it comes to redecorating their home.

Understanding what colour combinations you like, and why you like them, can help boost your decorating confidence, and help you find a colour scheme you’re truly happy with.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to discover your dream decorating style:

1. Like understated? Try a single-colour scheme!

If you’re naturally drawn to simple, elegant interiors, a single-colour scheme may be the one for you. Single-colour schemes are a fairly low-risk option, but if you’re only using one colour, it’s important to get it right.

This is where the Vivechrom Visualizer app can help. Once you’ve download the app to your iPhone or Smartphone, simply follow the instructions to get an instant digital impression of how your finished wall could look, so you can try out as many different shades as you like.

2. Like modern and edgy? Try a complementary colour scheme

Also known as contrasting colours, a complementary colour scheme is achieved by pairing colours that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. Think orange and teal, yellow and blue, green and magenta.

Proportion is key here, so when choosing your hue, we recommend picking one dominant colour and then offsetting it by painting a smaller area in your chosen contrasting shade. For example, copper orange walls paired with teal woodwork, or a navy bedroom with a yellow accent wall.

79GY 59/017
30YY 20/029
06YR 12/509
54GG 16/017
05YR 15/555

3. Like soft and romantic? Try a harmonious colour scheme

If you’re naturally drawn to gentle hues like soft pinks, pale blues and chalky greens, why not try incorporating a harmonious colour scheme into your home? These combine tones and shades that sit close to each other on the colour wheel, and are easily combined with neutral shades for a sophisticated, pared-back look. Think a palette of cool blues, pastel greens and greys or a warm apricot paired with sunset pink.

66YY 83/272
21ΥΥ 45/405
00YY 26/220

4. Like bright and colourful? Try a clashing scheme

If you enjoy colours at the brighter end of the spectrum, why not be daring and for a more offbeat colour combination? Clashing schemes are not for the timid but when used in the right balance, are guaranteed to fill your home with energy.

To create maximum impact, combine a neutral colour scheme with high-voltage flashes of colour, like shocking pink and lemon yellow, or turquoise and bright magenta.

16BG 27/325
81BG 09/241
20YY 36/370

5. Like monochrome? Try a graphic scheme with a dash of colour

If classic black and white appeals to you sense of style, consider incorporating a graphic scheme into your home. Keep it simple with a colour palette of jet black, charcoal grey and fresh white, or add just one primary hue into the mix for a bold, high-contrast look. This combination is perfect for geometric patterns, such as stripes, spots, checkerboard, and chevrons.

91YR 08/025
70BB 28/080

Top tip

The best place to look for decorating inspiration is actually in your own home. Think about your favourite things – perhaps it’s a beautiful tin you collected on your travels, a quirky postcard or a striking vase. Use these personal objects as the starting point for choosing a colour scheme that reflects your personal style.

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