Give fading walls a designer-style makeover

Give fading walls a designer-style makeover

«I think I have a good eye for design but I want to take my decorating schemes to the next level. Do you have any insider advice?»

Nearly a quarter of people think they’ve got great taste when it comes to redecorating their home. But translating good taste into a fully realised design scheme isn’t always as easy as you may initially think.
Vivechrom’s Interior designers share their top tips that will give you the insider knowledge and tools you need to start decorating like a pro.
ρολιές από χρώματα σε τοίχο
Moodboard με αποχρώσεις για έμπνευση
Κουτάκια με χρώμα τοίχου χωρίς καπάκι
Γυναίκα βάφει τοίχο με πινέλο σε κίτρινη απόχρωση
Νεαρός άντρας βάφει τοίχο με ρολό σε μπλε χρώμα

Top Tip:

To keep your scheme on-track, cut out your concept images and stick them up on a wall or noticeboard so you can refer back to them at every stage in the decorating process.

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