Acrylic Water based Paint for Cement Walls
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Key information
  • Coverage 12m² per liter, per coat for the White, 14m² per liter per coat for Grey Pastel 209, 16m² per liter per coat for Dark Grey 194, Rock 343, Indian Red 23.
  • Drying Time 1-2 hours
  • Coats 2
Product Features
  • High Opacity
  • Ultra Adherent
  • Superior Spreading Rates
  • Highly Durable

Product Description

BETOCHROM WATERBASED is an acrylic masonry paint for walls. It is applied on external and internal surfaces such as exposed concrete, plaster, bricks. It has strong adhesion and provides high waterproofing, protecting the concrete reinforcement from corrosion. It exhibits great resistance to alkali and excellent resistance to weather conditions. It has excellent coverage, very high spreading rates and very good workability.

Application Description

•Thin with 5%-10% clean water and stir well before use.
•Apply two coats of BETOCHROM WATERBASED.
•Apply the paint and let it dry at temperatures between 10°C to 35°C.
•Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
•Use suitable respiratory protective equipment when using airless spray.
•Minimize paint wastage by estimating how much paint you will need.
•Recover unused paint for re-use.
•Reuse of paint can effectively minimize the products life cycle environmental impact.

Health & Safety

Keep out of reach of children • If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand • Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing • Call a POISON CENTER or doctor if you feel unwell • Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional, national or international regulations • Contains biocide product: 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one and C(M)IT/MIT (3:1). May produce an allergic reaction • Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist. Poison Control Center for Greece: 210 7793777 / for Cyprus: 1401.

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    •Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all defective and poorly adhering materials, dirt, grease and salts.
    •Dry sanding, flame cutting and/or welding of the dry paint film will give rise to dust fumes. Wet sanding/ flatting should be used wherever possible. Work in well ventilated areas. Use suitable personal protection equipment.
    •For new or coated surfaces with chalking: Prime with ASTARI VIVEDUR solvent-based primer or VIVEDUR MULTIPRIMER ECO micronized water-based nanotechnology primer, suitable for exterior and interior surfaces.
    •For the refinishing of sound surfaces, apply directly BETOCHROM WATERBASED.
  • 2. Cleaning
    •Remove as much paint as possible from brushes and rollers before cleaning.
    •Clean brushes and equipment with water and detergent solution immediately after use.
    •Do not put residual paint down the kitchen sink or toilet or into a waste bin.
    •Unused paint requires specialist handling for safe environmental disposal and that it should not therefore be thrown away or with or commercial waste. Advice regarding disposal and collection should be sought from the local authority.
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