News - Vivechrom supports Erasmus students

News - Vivechrom supports Erasmus students


Vivechrom supports Erasmus students                                                                                 May 2017

 Vivechrom supports  “The Crete Trip”

Vivechrom, the largest painting company in Greece, is a sponsor of Erasmus Student Network Greece’s “The Crete Trip”. “The Crete Trip” is a unique four day trip to Crete for students participating in the Erasmus program located in our country.

The trip takes place from 11th to 14th May and is a four-day event rich in cultural and recreational activities, aiming to educate and entertain the public. With 700 students from 50 countries and a visit to important landmarks of Crete such as Knossos, “The Crete Trip” is an intercultural event to be discussed.

Vivechrom enhances the organization and its players with a courtesy sponsorship, providing the t-shirts to all participants and volunteers. T-shirts have a different color, determined by the group to which each member belongs, and of course the Erasmus Student Network Greece logo and the “The Crete Trip”, aiming to enhance teamwork among the participants and further promoting the organization to the general public.

Focusing on the person and its evolution, Vivechrom is always close to young people and supports actions that foster development, teamwork and lifelong learning. In addition, it aims to promote the country and its culture at every level and supports the Erasmus organization that will advertise/publicize/advocate the natural beauty and culture of Crete throughout Europe.

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