News - Increase in 2016 and investment extroversion

News - Increase in 2016 and investment extroversion


Turnover increase in 2016                                                                                       March 2017

Reaffirming its sovereignty in the Greek market, Vivechrom  in 2016 showed a significant increase of 15.8%in turnover which amounted to € 51,5 million. At the same time the company’s profitability went up by 33.1% and reached € 9,5 million.

This performance is particularly important considering that the industry of decorative paints, according to market information, presented a marginal growth of 2% in 2016.  Vivechrom by this excellent course has strengthened its leading position in the Greek market while significantly improved its exports.

Vivechrom by the continuous excellent results has earned the trust of its parent company AkzoNobel, which proceeds to significant investments in our country. In this context, the transfer of varnish production from Marshall in Turkey, to Vivechrom’s factory in Greece, is the next direct investment at an estimated implementation time by the end of 2017.  This investment will support employment, through the 15% increase to the manufacturing positions.

Vivechrom is focusing on sustainability and is the company with the largest sales in Eco products while aiming even higher, in a more beautiful planet, the  Planet PossibleTM. Vivechrom’s mission is to “do more with less“, adding greater value but consuming fewer resources.

Vivechrom’s CEO, Mr. Makis Provatas said:

“In Vivechrom we follow a long-term strategy and a firm policy which seems to bear fruit and generate further growth prospects. The year of 2016 was a year of dynamic performance that gives us great sense of optimism for the future. Moreover, despite the unfavorable economic and financial climate in the country and the lack of construction activity, Vivechrom continues to record increased rates in turnover and profits. Respecting our customers and consumers with uncompromising commitment to quality, we focus on sustainable development and build together a brighter future for our planet, the  Planet PossibleTM.

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