News - Vivechrom in TEDxNTUA 2017


News - Vivechrom in TEDxNTUA 2017


Η Vivechrom μεγάλος χορηγός στο TEDxNTUA 2017

The second TEDxNTUA 2017 was completed with great success as it was organized by the Civil Engineering and Architecture faculty students of the National Technical University of Athens, held at the Athens Conservatory on Saturday 01.21.2017. Vivechrom, major sponsor, gave color at the event and the opportunity to people to attend the main and partial events by giving invitations through a draw in the social media.

In addition, during the day of the event, the audience participated in a lottery for winning 10L of the innovative product NEOPAL ECO for three lucky winners, in colors of their choice.

Company executives presented the revolutionary application Vivechrom Visualizer that makes choosing the right color for your place to look like a game!

The theme of this year’s event was the Heuristics, with speakers from the Academic community, Business world and the Social community. The TEDxNTUA is a wonderful youth initiative which deserved our support!

Vivechrom Visualizer app
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