Use our 2020 color palettes with Tranquil Dawn in your home

Explore the versatility of Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052 and discover the color palette that’s right for your room

Every year, Vivechrom color specialists work with design experts from all over the world to get a clear understanding of the upcoming global trends that will shape our lives in the near future. We use these insights to identify a new Colour of the Year and create a collection of complementary colors around it.

In an increasingly hectic and digital world, there is a desire to be more caring and a search for meaning. This year’s color, Tranquil Dawn, has an air of calm and clarity that perfectly reflects this mood.

It’s a beautifully versatile shade with an effect that changes depending on the color scheme it’s used with. We’ve created four stunning palettes around Tranquil Dawn, with a mood to suit everyone. Take a look at this guide to using Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052 in your home and decide which color palette reflects your style best…

A home for Care: A light and airy kitchen color palette


In this kitchen, the combination of soft neutrals and pale pastels create a relaxed and welcoming space. Complementary colors like Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052, the Colour of the Year 2020, soft cream and our Colour of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey 00YY 26/220, work together to create a pleasing and coherent color scheme.

Complete this laid-back look with lush indoor plants and hand-thrown pottery pieces.

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A home for Play: An energizing kid’s room with a vibrant color palette


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A home for meaning: A pared-back bedroom in complementary colors for low-key luxury


In this moodily beautiful bedroom, everything has been edited back to the simple essentials. The walls and ceiling are painted in an awe-inspiring dark gray while the window recess is lit up by the Colour of the Year 2020, Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052. The elegant light gray used on the door creates a truly timeless color scheme.

Minimalist furniture, tactile throws and laid-back linens finish this simple and serene style.

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A home for Creativity: A living room color scheme for the curious and creative


In this warm color scheme, rich and intense tones like burgundy and forest green are diffused by paler shades like Tranquil Dawn 45GY 55/052, the Colour of the Year 2020 – used on adjoining walls and window alcoves – which here takes on a gently calming quality.

Sumptuous velvets, floral prints and quirky vintage pieces help to create a space that is atmospheric and cosy.

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