Calming colours in a living room

All you need to know about Vivechrom Colour of the Year 2018

Discover how Heart Wood, Vivechrom Colour of the Year 2018, can create a feeling of welcome in every room of your home.

Heart Wood is the new Vivechrom Colour of the Year 2018 that has been chosen to help you reconnect with the soothing, calming colours found in nature. This contemporary paint shade can be used in a variety of colour combinations to create different moods, depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your home.

The inspiration behind the colour

Neutral living room ideas

Heart Wood was chosen by the colour specialists at our Global Aesthetic Centre. Together with international design and societal trend experts, we’ve identified a global need for homes to feel even more nurturing than before – and this is where Heart Wood comes into play. It can be comforting, energising or relaxing, depending on the colours you pair with it.

Which paints?

COY 10YR 28/072

30YR 49/097

60YR 20/117

90RR 16/095

Colour at the heart of every room

Warm and welcoming kitchen

With its gentle pink tone, Heart Wood creates a sense of welcome in every room. The versatility of the shade means you can use it in a variety of colour combinations – everything from zesty greens to cool blues – to create a mood that feels right for you.

Which paints?

COY 10YR 28/072

90BG 35/068

07GG 07/143

90YY 35/169

Complementary colours

Enriching colours in a bedroom

Heart Wood can be paired with earthy tones to create an enriching colour combination. Breaking up these warm, harmonising shades with an accent of ink blue adds elegance to the cosy feel. Or pair it with lighter colours for an airy yet warm atmosphere.

Which paints?

COY 10YR 28/072

50BB 08/171

30RR 22/031

10YR 73/038

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