Eco-Friendly nursery ideas

Eco-Friendly nursery ideas

“How do we go about creating a nursery that’s eco-friendly and stylish?” Eco-conscious families often worry about the impact a new arrival will have on the environment. What sort of diapers should they use? What sort of toys should they buy? And how should they decorate their nursery in a way that won’t harm their baby or the planet? Over half the parents interviewed in a survey said they like to check a product for child safety information before they start decorating. But almost three quarters of them also said aesthetics were a big priority in their nursery scheme. These top tips will up your nursery’s eco credentials and give your baby a green and healthy start in life – without compromising on style.

1. Choose water-based paint

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your nursery is kind to both your baby and the environment is choose a water-based paint that is low in VOCs – ‘volatile organic compounds’. All Vivechrom’s interior wall paints, such as NEOPAL ECO are water-based, so you won’t have any problem finding environmentally-friendly, low-toxin paint in exactly the hue you want. As with any painting task, it’s a good idea to finish a couple of weeks in advance so the room is completely odour-free by the time baby moves in.

Our online paint calculator makes it easy to order the correct amount of paint. Using less paint will not only help save you money, but you’ll also be playing your part in protecting the planet. However, if you do find yourself with leftover paint, make sure you store it properly for next time (away from direct sunlight and in a frost-free environment) or donate it to a neighbour or friend, or a local charity – don’t throw it down the sink or in a bin.

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3. Find a use for old furniture Before you buy new furniture, try to use what you already have. Got a bookcase or dresser that’s gathering dust? It’s just two coats of paint away from being the star of your new nursery. It’s not only furniture that can be given a new lease of life. Wooden crates, old trunks and even picture frames can all be given makeovers with a lick of paint.

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4. Channel your inner Picasso Instead of splashing out on artwork or buying toys to brighten up your baby’s room, why not pick up a paintbrush and create your own piece of art? It’s a smart way to use up any leftover decorating paint and cuts back on consumerism, giving you the chance to personalise your nursery without hurting your wallet or the planet.

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