cook up a kitchen feast

Cook up a kitchen feast with delectable colours

Excite the senses with kitchen colours that are good enough to eat.

What could be more enticing than a food-inspired colour scheme that makes the taste buds tingle? A feature wall is a wonderful and cost-effective way of introducing a large block of striking colour to your kitchen. Think warm, luscious tones like basil green, plum red and lemon yellow. In fact, studies have shown that shades of red, orange and yellow stimulate the senses. Just imagine the gastronomic masterpieces you could whip up while surrounded by shades of tangerine orange.

If subtle touches of colour are more your style, accentuate an all-white space with colourful accessories in rich chocolate or juicy berry shades. Do you have a timber kitchen? Introduce a burst of brightness with pastel-pretty ice cream shades guaranteed to stimulate the senses and fuel the imagination.

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