Are you choosing paint? Become colour confident

With our expert tips, you’ll learn to trust your colour instincts.

  1. Try paint samples in 1Lt in a range of shades. This is a way to be certain that the colour you love looks just as great on your walls as it does online. 

  2. Before you start painting, apply two coats to a piece of A4 wallpaper lining paper. Hang the paper on different walls throughout the day to see how the colour changes in sunlight and under artificial light. You’ll find that the effects of light particularly influence whites.

  3. Which direction does your room face? It’s important to keep in mind that most colours will look slightly darker and colder in north-facing rooms because the light is cooler and flatter.

  4. Wet paint looks very different than dry paint. Try not to make any decisions until the paint is completely dry.

  5. Most importantly, trust your instincts. If you love it, it’s right.

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