How to paint properly

How to choose the right paint?Guidelines for successful painting

What is paint?

Paint is a material, usually liquid, that when applied in a surface it creates a synectic transparent or opaque film with good adherence. As result paint protects the surfaces while it decorates and enhances them.

Protects the surface from the deterioration caused by the sun, bad weather, humidity, pollution, dust, mould, rust, chemical and mechanical wear.
It decorates the surface and improves its esthetic effect.

So, paint can:

  • Change the appearance and the atmosphere, even to “modify” the dimensions of the place.
  • Affect the mood of the people living or working in a room.
  • Highlights and combines the decorative elements of the room.
  • Enlighten the place and give them a unique distinct personality.

Paint basic elements are:

  • Pigments that give the hue and the opacity to the paint.
  • Binders that create the film and bind the pigments and the rest paint elements.
  • Water or / and organic solvents that give the paint its initial liquid state which evaporate after the paint is applied.
  • Additives, that improves paint attributes such as stability, application properties, drying and mechanical wear.

Emulsion Paints

Emulsion Paints are applied mainly on internal walls and ceilings. A fine emulsion paint should:

  • Have high opacity and spreading rate
  • Have very good levelling
  • Not be tarnished easily
  • Withstand to frequent washing
  • Have high whiteness and to maintain bright and unchangeable the shades for a long period of time
  • Have standard quality

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are applied mainly on external surfaces constructed with plaster and concrete.
A fine acrylic paint for external protection should have the following features:

  • High opacity and spreading rate
  • High resistance to bad weather and pollution
  • Bright and unchangeable shades
  • High mechanical resistance, that is to have hardness and elasticity
  • Be fire resistant and prevent fire spreading

Waterproof Coatings

Elastomeric wall coating are paints with acrylic base that are used to prevent water and humidity infiltration to the building.
The basic requirements for these products are:

  • To ensure the water insulation of the surface
  • To stay elastic to ice and high temperatures
  • To be applied easily and quickly
  • To have good adhesion

Enamel Paints

Enamels are the most common paint category for the painting of metallic and wooden surfaces. A fine enamel paint should:

  • Have high opacity and spreading rate
  • Be easily applied and good levelling
  • Have very good finish
  • Have high resistance to solar radiation and chemical pollution
  • Have high whiteness and bright and unchangeable coloring
  • Be friendly to the users and the environment without lead and chromic

Waterbased Enamel Paints

Water based enamel paints are the new enamel paints generation with water as base. They are friendly to the user and the environment, and are applied on walls and wooden surfaces.
The requirements a fine enamel paint should meet are:

  • Have high opacity and spreading rate
  • Very good application qualities
  • To be odourless, that makes it ideal for internal living conditions
  • Bright and unchangable coloring
  • Non yellowing

Anticorossive Undercoats

The metallic surface protection requires the application of anticorrosive undercoat that should meet the following requirements:

  • Strong anticorrosive protection
  • Strong adhesion
  • High spreading
  • Friendly to the user and the environment without lead and chromic

Wall Primers

Wall primers are the undercoats that prepare the surface for the final paint. A fine primer should:

  • Infiltrate to the surface and have strong adhesion.
  • Insulate and strenghten the surface
  • Have very good application qualities
  • Dry and repaint easily
  • Have standard quality

Wooden Surface Undercoats

Velatura is the undercoat of the enamel paint applied on wooden surfaces. The requirements a very good velatura should meet are:

  • High opacity
  • Very good application qualities
  • Dry fast
  • Easy to sanding
  • Not to contain lead and chromic