Science of color

We understand the power, feel and ultimately the result colors can create when they are seen in the context of other colors which means that the combination of colors is very important. The colour combinations should be balanced and reflect your personality and our style.

Using the colour wheel, you can see how the colors work together and can provide a wide variety of combinations for your home.

Playing with the tones (Toning)
Choosing shades of the same colour is the simplest colour scheme that creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
Creating contrast (Contrasting)
For strong surprising result, select from the colour wheel a colour opposite of the main colour you have selected. Eg.: Purple with Yellow, Orange or Blue with Red with Green.
Looking for Harmony (Harmonizing)
Combining adjacent colors to each other in the colour wheel, we can achieve a beautifully balanced and sympathetic colour scheme. Eg.: Red with Purple or Red with Orange.

The colour is a “language” that “speaks” through the look and mood it creates. Choose colors that please you most. All you need is to take some time to look at the space that you would like to paint and think about the atmosphere you want to create.