My Scrapbook

All your favorite colors, schemes, images and products that you have collected from around the site are saved in folders here.

  • – Once you click on this icon on an image or product, you will be asked to create a folder.
  • – Na me your folder as you like, e.g Bedroom.
  • – Go back to Scrapbook and find all your preferences in your files! You can also upload your own photos!

In your scrapbook you will create your personal decorator guide adding your notes to transform your space easily and provide your home personality and style. If you wish, you can share your scrapbook with your friends via email or facebook and save your file in PDF.

Create an account to customise your folders according to your preferences.
Don’t forget to to see the colours and images you’ve collected and saved on previous visits to the site.

See an example of a folder’s print preview
View below how you can make your scrapbook.
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