Support for people with mental health problems

A very nice action to support vulnerable groups of people

Employees in Cafe Gefyres Zois after painting

Paint donation

We donated the paint for the renovation of the cafeteria of the Social Cooperative Enterprise for the Integration of Vulnerable Groups "Gefyres Zois" in Patra. The cafeteria and the courtyard are mainly a place for the socialization of the employees where concerts, book presentations, film screenings, children's events, theatrical events, information events etc. are held.

Painted walls in the cafe Gefyres Zois

The SCE "Gefyres Zois"

"Gefyres Zois" (translated to English "Bridges of Life") is based in the Municipality of Patra in the Achaia territory, where it is active in the field of catering and performs cultural events. "Gefyres Zois" is the first Social Cooperative Enterprise in Patra, where people with mental health problems work. Its purpose is to seek out collective benefits and serve more general social interests. In particular, it aims to promote inclusion in the economic and social life and in general the social integration of people with mental health problems, those belonging to vulnerable social groups.

The cafe courtyard

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