– 10YR 28/072

A subtle and warm tone of grown – up pink, this shade conveys comfort and ease in response to consumers wanting to nestle down more and create a “welcome home”.

10YR 28/072

Every year the colour experts at our Global Aesthetic Centre team up with global design and technology trend experts to select Colour of the Year. This year our chosen shade is Heart Wood – a warm, welcoming soft pink that helps you relax and recharge. Heart Wood is a really versatile colour that creates a range of moods, depending on the palette you pair it with.

Take a look for yourself. Explore our guide to using Heart Wood in your home – and discover the diverse, and sometimes unexpected, moods each colour combination can create.

A hideaway from the outside world
Seeking a space to snuggle up in? Combine Heart Wood with shades of cocoa, clay and blush pink to bring out its warmth. Together these rich and cocooning colours create the perfect sanctuary to retreat into.

A soothing space for the whole family
Bring the outdoors inside, by pairing Heart Wood with nature-inspired blues. Lifting it with these cooler tones adds fresh air and warmth in one go – making for a calming space that suits everyone, from dad to dog.

A room to energise and experiment
Make pink pop by teaming Heart Wood with zesty greens. The vibrancy of this colour combination adds a burst of energy to any room and lends itself to playful features. Why not give graphic shapes a try?

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